Dear Golfing Friends,

It’s been a long winter! As the weather begins to improve and temperatures continue to climb, we are all getting the itch to head to the course for the first rounds of the season. In order for the course to be ready for play the following must be in order…

  1. The snow cover must be gone, and the frost line receded so melted snow can enter the ground.
  2. The turf must be firm and dry enough before grounds crew can remove debris for winter storms.
  3. Once cleared, the turf will be rolled and prepared to accept play and the tee markers and other golf course are then put in place.
  4. Finally, areas such as the greens and tees will be mowed to help stimulate the turf.

The goal is to open as soon as the turf can handle play. This historically has been the last week of March or the first week of April. If the golf course is ready prior to that it will be opened – it’s all up to Mother Nature.