Sycamore Golf Club

Please excuse our construction

We are in the process of making this space more efficient….

This Winter we had a pipe burst which flooded the grill and the clubhouse. With that damage came a silver lining, we were able to adjust the footprint of the grill to accommodate all of our equipment and create a proper bar space.

As with any project, setbacks and last-minute changes have set the completion date back. We hope you will continue to be patient with us as we navigate this project. We should be in full swing soon.



Mon-Fri 6:30am to dusk
Sat-Sun 6:00am to dusk

Welcome to Sycamore Golf Club, a facility of the Sycamore Park District and your number one option for a round of golf. Our course offers a great blend of challenging golf and relaxing scenery. We offer great deals on season passes, we have many options for golf instruction, and we have the region’s best venue for hosting your tournaments and other special events.


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